Turn your Backyard into a Relaxing Outdoor Oasis

Nashville Pergolas

Interested in enhancing the looks of your backyard? Want to make it stunningly remarkable? Try organizing it with a beautiful pergola. A pergola is a shaded area or a passageway with vertical pillars on both its sides that support the cross-beams. It’s a shaded structure that magnifies the beauty of a landscape while still allowing […]

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Tips for Choosing Backyard Structures

Cedar Octogan Gazebo made by the Amish and Sold in Tennesee

Most homeowners will quote the budget of courtyard makeovers as one of the most important feature of the project. Whilst this is certainly vital, it is evenly important for one to remember that design choices decided will also have an effect on the long-term backyard cost. Selecting the right materials and laying them out correctly […]

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Analyzing The History Of The Amish Pergola

Nashville pergolas

The Amish Pergola has over the years stood the test of time. Though their materials, style and name could have changed, their use has stayed the same for over three thousand years. According to research, the earliest surviving garden plan belonging to an Egyptian high court was detailed by pergola on the entry way to […]

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