Are you looking to shade your back deck or patio? At Countryside Woodcraft, Pergolas are our flagship product. Pergolas can provide extra shade for your pool or outdoor patio. Many times, people can’t enjoy their outdoor space because the summer sun is too intense. Pergolas offer a reprieve from the sun, making your outdoor experience more comfortable. We offer three distinctive style Pergolas, Standard Arch, Flat Top and the Split Level. Each one is specifically designed to enhance your outdoor space and provide a natural look.  Choose from a wide range of sizes, multiple stain options and clear or tinted roof panels. Our skilled craftsmen can design the perfect Pergola to fit your outdoor needs.

Standard Arch – This style has quickly become our most popular design. It’s uniquely attractive style was exclusively designed by us at Countryside Woodcraft. This style can be incorporated into an outdoor stone hearth or an existing patio.

Flat Top – This attractive style is our standard design and would make a great addition to any patio or poolside space.  Add lattice and you can create a timeless design for a sitting area or a quiet reading space.

Split Level – Our Split Level Pergola is truly an eye catcher. If your outdoor space is calling for something beautifully different, this is it. This is our largest design and is great for outdoor entertaining. You may have seen some of our Split Level Pergolas at wedding venues, as they make the perfect backdrop to exchange vows.

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Ready to customize your Pergola? Call our office at (615) 789-3270 or fill out an order form. Not sure which Pergola is right for your outdoor space? Our experienced builders can help with your design and even customize a Pergola that fits your outdoor needs. The possibilities are endless.