Supersize Open Climber

Supersize Open Climber

Supersize Open Climber Playset

This #110 Supersize Open Climber is a large version of our most popular style with larger written all over it. For older children and even adults this unit is the ticket. Notice the extra height swing beam for loftier swinging and more challenges in climbing. The approx coverage area for this unit is 23 ft x 28 ft. Available in pressure treated Pine , cedar and vinyl.

  • 5’ X 6’ Deck w/ 7’ deck height
  • Tire Swing
  • 14’ Scoop Slide
  • Rock Wall
  • Cargo Net
  • 4-Attach Monkey Bar beam (extra height)
  • 2 Belt Swings, Plastic Glider and Baby Bucket Swing
  • Trapeze Beam & Bar
  • Cedar Roof & Stain Sealer
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