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#425 Cubby's Clubhouse

#425 Cubby’s Clubhouse

cubby's clubhouse swingset playhouse

This #425 Cubby’s Clubhouse is an enclosed 5×6 playhouse with a 3×6 deck and a ladder for entry. The vinyl siding comes in various colors. If you have a special size in mind we will build you any size even if you want a house for big papa bear. This papa bear doghouse can be a better option in those stressful times. Approx coverage area is 20ft x 12ft.

  • 6’x8′ w/ 5’x6′ Playhouse w/ sliding windows, shingled roof, porch
  • 4 ft deck height
  • 8′ Wave Slide
  • 3-Attach Swing Beam – 2 Belt Swings and Trapeze Bar

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