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#300 Jill's Clubhouse

Jill’s Clubhouse

#300 Jill's Clubhouse playhouse swingset

The #300 Jill’s Clubhouse is an enclosed 6×8 playhouse that little girls love to fix up like a house. Deck on top gives them a view from up there and by the looks of it these girls are having a blast. Coverage area is approx 20ft. x 12ft.
Th unit can be made in cedar,pressure treated pine or even in vinyl known as #325. We use powder-coated galvanized fasteners and heavy duty stainless steel swing hangers to help
ensure lifetime durability. Our material is sanded and milled for a smooth surface to help minimize splinters.

  • 6′ X 8′ Enclosed Playhouse w/ 5′ Deck height
  • 10′ Wave Slide
  • 3-Attach Monkey Bar Beam – Trapeze bar, Plastic Glider, 1 Belt Swing
  • Cedar Roof & Stain Sealer

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