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Turning your old backyard into a great playground for your child can be one of the most productive diy projects you can possibly choose to do. You do not have to be a handyman to do this, especially because the whole process is quite simple and straightforward. Be sure to have a plan in mind and bring all the necessary tools with you – after all, you cannot start crafting and building without tools, right? If you plan to make your backyard a great place for your wee ones, follow our simple, 8-step process below.

Choose the Site
Before starting to build anything, you have to choose the site where you are going to make the playground. It is important to have a very good view of it from the windows of your house, especially because you need to supervise your kids from indoors from time to time, to ensure that they are completely safe while they are playing. Moreover, the playground should be specifically built so you can easily hear your kids playing on the structure, and do not forget that a leveled area is important for the success of your diy project, since the play area needs to sit correctly on the ground.

Choose the Equipment
After carefully selecting the site of your playground area, the next step is choosing the equipment that you are going to install. Usually, this aspect is directly influenced by your kids’ age – the smaller they are, the safer the playground needs to be. While it is enticing to build an expansive play area that rivals local amusement parks, it might be safer and substantially less expensive to go for simpler equipment. Always note that you should never opt for equipment that is too large or challenging for your children, because this can easily result in injuries. Go for the basic features of any playground, with swing sets and slides, and plan to gradually update it as your kids grow.

Install a Safe Surface
Installing a safe surface is the following step that you need to go through prior to building a playground area in your backyard. By installing a safe surface that absorbs shock, you will be able to increase the level of safety in the play area, preventing your children from severely injuring when falling down. Both foam padding and rubber mulch will be good enough, offering your kids a soft surface to land on if they accidentally hopple or lose balance. Be sure that the safe surface extends at least six inches from every corner of the playground, to maximize safety.

Add Natural Features
Even if you are building a simple playground, this does not mean that you cannot enhance it by adding a couple of natural features, such as sand or climbing rocks. Your children will definitely love them, because they will add some variation to the regular swings and slides that you will be installing, allowing them to have even more fun. Green materials are also welcomed when it comes to building a quality playground, and some good options to consider are cedar and redwood.

Add Shelter
To let your kids use the playground, the weather should necessarily be sunny, but cool enough to prevent sunburns. What if you live in an area where sun or rain can make playing outdoors uncomfortable? In that case, adding a shelter to the playground should be a priority. Build a small house to easily accommodate your children, and be sure that it is properly constructed, to avoid inconveniences. Shade is particularly important if the sun is shining brightly, and the shelter can also keep your kids dry during the drizzling rain.

Focus on the Unexpected
Beyond regular equipment and natural features, the play area can also incorporate a couple of unexpected elements that will offer your children extra enjoyment. Consider adding a hammock between two trees, to create a spot where kids can relax and kick back while still playing. If you want to build a playground that will suit your children even after a few years, you can try to add a zip line between spots in your backyard, which is definitely going to simply fascinate them. Once you complete the process, be sure to add a bench for your own relaxation while watching your wee ones playing.

Fence the Structure
Fencing your playground is essential to keeping your children safe while they are playing, especially because they might be predisposed to specific dangers when they are left alone. Consider building a privacy fence, which is higher and made from wood, to enhance the security of your playground and prevent animals from interacting with your kids’ playing. Kids might feel uncomfortable if they are watched by strangers, so be sure to consider this aspect carefully if you want to create a successful structure for them., where they can have fun all the time.

Surrounding Landscaping
When you try to build a playground in your backyard, you might find yourself in the impossibility to grow your flowers and satisfy your landscaping needs as you did before. Your kids might easily damage your precious flower beds, which is why you should definitely consider moving them somewhere else, where they cannot be reached. Another good option is surrounding the flower beds and other green materials with proper fencing, to prevent any kind of unwanted accident.

Building a playground for your children is not that difficult as long as you have a plan in mind and come with all the necessary tools. Even though you might end up spending important amounts of money, you still have the opportunity to satisfy your children’s need, love and craving for motion whilst keeping them safe. The quality of your play area will depend on how much you are willing to invest, and how you want your kids to have fun. Be sure to consult with them prior to choosing the equipment – after all, they will be ruling your backyard from now on, right? For great play set and swing set options, visit: www.cswoodcraft-com-staging.ycq5nkzy-liquidwebsites.com